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Service areas in MotionTools allows you to map an area within a city where your business operates. Service areas are attached to bookings (with Service area ID) after its creation, and can validate if a booking can get created in that area.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Click on Settings, then click on Service areas.
  2. Edit an existing Service area or click on Create new area to add new service areas for different cities or hubs.
  3. Hit the Save button on the bottom right corner.



General information about a service area

Add a name for your service area

In ‘Service area name’, i.e. City Berlin.


Create area with geoJSON file

You may upload your desired service area via an exported .geojson file from


Manually draw areas

Define a service area by zooming into the map and click on Add Polygon. Polygons are flexible and can be tweaked by moving the corners and points.

We do not recommend overlaps when creating service areas because this affects how a service area will be tagged to your booking e.g. booking belonging to the wrong service area.

For example, creating different service areas for cities ‘Hamburg’, ‘Berlin’, ‘Frankfurt’ is recommended, but it is not recommended to create a service area for the entire country ‘Germany’. Otherwise, a booking for ‘Hamburg’ might get tagged under "Germany" which disimproves the accuracy of records.



Select a timezone for your service area via the drop-down list.



Enter your desired currency for different Service areas. This configuration will appear in Payouts, where Drivers get paid out as part of their monthly salary.


Scheduling configuration

Choose a schedule that was set up under Scheduling configuration. The Opening hours, Closed days, Scheduling modes, Customer and Driver related parameters of your scheduled bookings will then be applied to the service area.


Toggling between service areas

To toggle your view to other Service areas on the Bookings map, go to ‘All service areas’ drop-down and select the service area, then click on the location accuracy symbol next to it.


Service areas also allow you to show or hide bookings to a selected group of Drivers only, depending on the configuration of your organizations. Defining a Service area ensures that any booking made by your customer within the radius configured, can be delivered.


Add new service area

  1. Click on Settings, then click on Service areas.
  2. Hit Create new area.
  3. Add a name for your Service Area i.e. City Berlin.
  4. Zoom in on the map, click on Add polygon and drag to change it. A polygon prepared and exported in as .geojson file can also be uploaded.
  5. Set the timezone for your Service Area.
  6. Select a Scheduling configuration. Read Set up your scheduling configuration for more information.
  7. Hit Save.



Edit a service area

  1. Click on Settings, then click on Service areas.
  2. Select the Service area to be edited.
  3. The service area’s name, timezone or the linked scheduling configuration can be changed.
  4. The current polygon can be deleted for a new polygon to be added. A polygon prepared and exported in as .geojson file can also be uploaded.



Archive a service area

For more information on archiving an existing service area, please reach out to us at


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