Bookings Map view


This article highlights the improvements made to the Bookings Map view on the dashboard with the aim to improve the user experience and feature functionality.


Restricted Zoom levels on Map

We introduced a limit to the minimum and maximum zoom levels of the map on the dashboard that restricts users from zooming too far in or too far out of the map view.


Stationary Map view when user hovers over a stop

Previously, when a user hovers over a stop on the Map, the map view would shift to fit all the booking’s stop into the visible map area. If the stops are far from one another and are not able to fit into the visible area without changing the zoom level manually, the map view would end up in a random spot.

We have now improved the functionality by persisting the map view unless the user selects a stop. Hovering over a stop doesn’t move or adjust the map.


Support for locking zoom level and position

Usually when a user selects a booking, the map shows a connection between stops, adjusts the position and zoom level to fit the view to the selected bookings.

We introduced this new feature that allows users to lock the zoom level and position of the map to prevent it from changing upon booking selection. When locked, the map does not automatically change the zoom level and map position when a user selects bookings.



Improved feedback on the ‘Locate me’ button

We improved the feedback on the ‘Locate me’ button by animating the icon to indicate the process of detecting the user’s location.


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