MotionTools Updates November 2022

Our team has been working to bring you new features and product enhancements and we would love to present them to you with this update!


Building the business

  • Service area download: Introduced additional support for downloading GeoJSON files for Service areas via the Dashboard. Users can download Service areas, edit the content conveniently in e.g. and upload the new GeoJSON files.
  • UI improvements in the Booking editor: Introduced stop count and lines between stops in the booking editor, to give users the visibility into the stops that are being edited.


Optimizing operations

  • UI improvements of the Map: New changes in the dashboard’s map include better zoom levels, ability to lock zoom level and position of map, improved feedback on the ‘Locate me’ button and much more. You can find more details of these changes here.
  • Tour merger: Besides the Instant-merge feature, the Merge with preview feature is also available to both Admin and Org manager user roles. Users can merge all or some of the stops of two or more bookings into an optimized tour. For more information please read the Merge with preview feature.
  • ’Drag-n-drop’ support in Merger: Introduced a drag-n-drop option for rearranging stops in the Merger. Users can rearrange stops either by clicking on the arrows or by dragging and dropping the stops in their desired place. See Recent improvements: Merge with preview for more details.
  • Support for multiple instant-merge options: We now provide the flexibility to build tours with multiple algorithms by displaying multiple Stacking options at once. Users will not be restricted to only 1 Stacking option, but rather have multiple options for stacking bookings. Please reach out to our Customer Success team to learn more about enabling the different options.
  • Reworked Webbooker ‘success’ pop-up: A new button, ‘Track this booking’ has been added to direct users to the bookings Map view which highlights the newly created booking on the map.
  • Support for linking Hubs in the Webbooker: A stop can be linked to a hub, when Admin users select a hub from the ‘Suggestions’ drop-down while creating a new booking. This then links the hub to the booking and allows to find it easily using a new hub filter.
  • Support for adding Metadata to a booking in the Webbooker: Previously an API-first feature, Admin users can now add Metadata to a booking directly from the Webbooker as well as edit them. Please reach out to our Customer Success team to request for this feature.


Executing the tasks

  • Google in-app navigation: Our first version of turn-by-turn, in-app navigation powered by Google is complete. Drivers will be able to experience the full-fledged turn-by-turn navigation within the MotionTools app, eliminating the need to switch between apps. Please reach out to our Customer Success team if you’d like to try this out.
  • Geofencing: You can now enable a geofence check when drivers arrive at a stop to make sure they are in close proximity to where they are supposed to be. This check will disallow them to swipe ‘Arrived’ in the MotionTools app if they are not close enough to the stop. Read Geofences around stops for more information.


Engaging with customers

  • Scanning & importing external package labels: Introduced support for importing and scanning packages that don’t use labels generated by our platform. Customers will now be able to use their own labels and drivers can scan them directly from the MotionTools app.
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