In-app driver earnings


Having visibility into the earnings help drivers plan their schedules and earning goals more effectively. The in-app driver earnings feature aggregates the net earnings of each completed booking for the day, the week and the month and reflects this value in the app in real time. Drivers have access to this data at any given point of time, allowing them to keep track of booking and earning totals.




  • Payments are enabled on your MotionTools account.


How this feature works

The driver earnings are accessed via the side menu in the MotionTools app and displays the following:

  • Total number of bookings per day, per week and per month
  • Total net earnings per day, per week and per month

Driver earnings are calculated based on:

  • Gross booking price - VAT - commission

Commission is defined in the Organization level. Read Manage organizations to learn more.



The in-app driver earnings is an extension only available to Enterprise plans and above. Please reach out to our Customer Success team to learn more about configuring this feature on your account.

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