MotionTools Updates February 2023

Our team has been working to bring you new features and product enhancements and we would love to present them to you with this update!


Feature highlight: Operations analytics

The Analytics page provides an overview of the most important metrics critical for measuring the performance of your operations and workforce. Dispatchers can view aggregated metrics for the current day and/ or multiple days across key areas such as booking execution, operational performance and workforce performance. Learn more about this feature here.



Additional features and improvements

Optimizing operations

  • Additional route optimization algorithms: We introduced support for two new route optimization strategies, giving dispatchers more options for organizing tour stops. By selecting ‘All pickups before all drop-offs’, dispatchers can ensure that all pickups are completed before any drop-offs. Alternatively, with the ‘Pickups before drop-offs in sequence’ strategy, the system will respect the relationship between pickups and drop-offs. Learn more about route optimization algorithms supported in Merge with preview.
  • Extended Instant-merge features: We introduced two new Instant-merge actions: ‘Instant Merge into On Hold tours’ and ‘Instant Merge into En Route tours’ to facilitate planning and re-planning of tours more effectively. These options now allow dispatchers to merge bookings and tours into existing tours (On Hold and En Route statuses), as previously only merging bookings into existing tours was supported. Find out more about these new options here.
  • Support for locations without a full address in the Bookings importer: When importing bookings using CSV files, we now support defining locations using coordinates (lat/ long) instead of addresses. This improvement helps fleet servicing and field service companies create bookings for vehicles stationed at a location without a specific address. Read Bulk upload bookings via the Bookings importer for more details.
  • Extended support for email notifications: Added support for email notifications sent whenever a customer signs up, and sent whenever bookings get created. These email notifications are available for admins and are turned off by default. If interested, please contact our Customer Success team to enable them for your account.


Executing the tasks

  • In-app driver earnings: The in-app driver earnings feature aggregates the net earnings of each booking for the day, the week and the month and reflects this value in the app in real time. Drivers can now track total earnings at the tip of their fingers. Read In-app driver earnings for more information.


Engaging with customers

  • Support for pre-authorization for credit card charges: Besides cash, invoice and EC card payment methods, we now support credit card payments and pre-authorization of the full booking price, for bookings created by customers using the Webbooker. This means that the amount that will be due at the end of a booking, will already be blocked from the customer’s credit card when creating the booking to ensure that they will be able to pay. If you’re interested in enabling credit card payments, please reach out to our Customer Success team.
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