Bulk upload bookings via the Email importer with a CSV file


The Email importer is a highly customized, alternative method to import bookings into MotionTools. It allows bookings to be imported using your own CSV template, saving you time from having to adjust current set up and processes to be able to get bookings uploaded into MotionTools.



  • This feature allows you to bulk import bookings with multiple scheduled_at times and supports timeslots as well, which is currently not supported via the Bookings importer yet. Read Quickstart: Options for creating Bookings to learn more about the different options we support for creating bookings.
  • This feature helps if you have bookings exported from a source that is of a different structure from our default CSV template. We retain the structure of your current CSV export, and you can import bookings via email instead of having to recreate a CSV file using our format.


How this feature works

Please reach out to our Customer Success team if you’d to use the Email importer.

  • A mapping is prepared between your data format against MotionTools’ default format for bookings importing.
  • Once the mapping is complete, the email importer will be able to parse the given data and import bookings into MotionTools.
  • You will send an email to the importer with an attached CSV file of the actual data to be imported and be notified if the importing has succeeded or failed via an email.
  • The importer for catching new emails runs between 07:00 and 23:00 daily. This timing can be adjusted to your needs.
  • The importer could take up to 5 minutes to run after you have sent the email.



When importing data into MotionTools, ensure that:

  • The format of the CSV file you’re sending is in the same format as the sample file provided to prepare the mapping.
  • The delimiter of the CSV file needs to be kept to the sample provided for mapping, either , or ;.
  • When sending address coordinates (lat/ long) instead of street addresses, the coordinates need to be in the right format and delimited by a .. Example:
    • Lat: 53.23511124
    • Long: 6.624341488
  • The date and time of booking needs to be in the future. Otherwise, an email with all the failed entries will be sent.
  • Attach the CSV file to an email and send it to the email address provided in the document shared by your Customer Success manager.
  • Sender emails allowed:
    • Email ends with: @yourcompany.com
  • Email subject needs to contain:
    • company_name
  • If you’re using the Timeslot optimizer, please include a ‘Start time’ an ‘End time’ for the timeslot which will need to be set in the future. Alternatively, we can agree to a hardcoded time if your business delivers only within a fixed timeslot.
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