Package scanner in the Driver app


The Package scanner in the Driver app allows users to identify packages by scanning their labels. You can launch the scanner anytime from the app's side menu. There's no need to be online as a driver or be on an active tour.

Two scanning modes

The Package Scanner supports two scanning modes: Normal and Continuous. In Normal mode, the scanner pauses as soon as a package label is scanned and recognized. In Continuous mode, the scanner constantly scans, updating package details on the screen as soon as the camera captures a new package label.

To toggle between the scanning modes, tap the "Infinity" icon in the upper right corner of the app.

Package Scanner – Continious mode.png


Performing actions

Depending on the status of a scanned package, a user can move it to a hub, mark it as delivered, or remove it from a tour.

Using the Package scanner to prepare packages for delivery

If a scanned package has already been added to a tour, the scanner will display the position of the package in the load queue. The load queue is organized in the reverse order of the stops. Knowing the position in this queue allows a manager who preparing a load for drivers to properly sort the packages in the loading area of a hub or warehouse.


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