Scan and view Package details via the Driver app


The MotionTools app supports 2 ways of scanning packages:

  • While drivers are in an active booking and are scanning packages to verify the deliveries.
  • Drivers and hub managers are not in an active booking and are scanning packages to show which shelf to locate them, the order in which packages should be loaded into vehicles, checking for delivery instructions and etc.

The Package scanner can be accessed via the side menu of the app and once the package labels are scanned, the results will be displayed on the screen.


Use cases

  • When drivers and/ or hub managers need to scan and view package details to see which tour it belongs to, in order to pre-sort the packages efficiently. This feature allows drivers to do so even before they go online and start an active booking. Hub managers can be registered as drivers in MotionTools for this purpose, but they will be prompted to not go online as a driver.
  • When drivers and/ or hub managers need to locate a package’s correct placement location e.g. shelf A, they will be able to scan the package, view the package details and proceed with the task.
  • When drivers need to scan packages to know the current status of the package as drivers don’t have access to the dashboard. Giving drivers more visibility into the package status would help them plan the sequence in which packages will be loaded into their vehicles.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Package scanner via the side menu of the driver app.
  2. Point the camera at a package label. Besides QR codes, the scanner also reads Barcodes and can work with external package ids mapped to the packages.
  3. The app displays the package details such as Package ID, status, tour name, package position in load queue (only for ‘Scheduled for delivery’ status), destination address and more.



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