MotionTools Updates March 2023

Our team has been working to bring you new features and product enhancements and we would love to present them to you with this update!


Feature highlight: MotionTools Zapier app

Integrating your system with MotionTools has never been easier than now, with the release of our official MotionTools Zapier App. Leverage the full power of the Zapier ecosystem to import data from Shopify, Google Sheets, WooCommerce or other sources to MotionTools in just a few clicks. Already using MotionTools and you want to customise the experience? By using the triggers available in our Zapier App you can create custom workflows that trigger whenever the status of a package, booking or stop changes, or whenever a package or booking get created. Start building today!



Additional features and improvements

Optimizing operations

  • Easily create Saved places via the Webbooker: You can save a frequent location as a Saved place via the Webbooker by putting a checkmark and providing the location name on the stop. The new location is saved for future reuse. Read Saved place to learn more.
  • Extended tour building and editing features for Org managers: Org managers are now allowed to use the Quick edit and Merge with Preview features which previously was only accessible to Admins.
  • Automatic tour planning for Package-Tours: We introduced an automatic planner for package tours. The planner speeds up the process by creating multiple optimized tours with one click considering certain rules such as available vehicles, shift duration, hub location and maximum weight capacity of a vehicle. It optimizes the tours efficiency and maximizes the rate of successful deliveries, while keeping minimal effort in tour planning. Learn more about this feature here.
  • Create a package without known coordinates via API: Packages can now be created (via API) without a known destination address, and will go in a new status called destination_needed. The destination address will need to be added after the package got created, in order for it to be included into a tour. This behavior is opt-in per Customer, and can be configured by Admins. This feature will also be available when importing packages via the Packages importer in the Dashboard starting April 3rd. For more details, see Create a package without known coordinates.
  • Extended Instant merge features: In February we introduced two new Instant merge actions, one of them being ‘Instant merge as next stops of En Route tours’ which inserts stops at the first available position of the tour. This month, we introduced another option that inserts stops at the end of the tour.
  • Extended scheduling options: The Merge with preview feature currently supports three scheduling options — ‘Now’, ‘Schedule’ and the newly added ‘Match start time of earliest booking’. When ‘Match start time of earliest booking’ is selected, the Merger takes the scheduled_at time of the earliest booking in the list as the start time for the tour. Please read the basic steps guide for more information.
  • Support for geocoder fallback: The MotionTools platform has added support for geocoder fallback for Bookings and Packages. If the default geocoder configured for your account by default fails to provide any result, the system will try to geocode the address using the second geocoder. This increases the chances of bookings and packages getting created in the system, rather than showing error messages for creation failures. To enable this feature, please get in touch with our Customer Success team.


Executing the tasks

  • Scan and view Package details via the Driver app: Drivers can now scan a package label to view package details outside of an active booking. This is useful for drivers who need to access package information for various reasons, such as verifying that they have the correct package, checking delivery instructions or keeping an eye on the package loading queue of the drop-off tour. For more details, please read Scan and view Package details via the Driver app.
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