MotionTools Updates May 2023

Our team has been working to bring you new features and product enhancements and we would love to present them to you with this update!


Feature highlight: ETA service update



We’ve refactored our ETA service to enhance its quality and consistency. We’ve started with eliminating discrepancies in ETA values between the dashboard and API. Then, we introduced two QoS levels: on the basic level, we calculate ETA using a straight line between stops, while the more accurate level considers the distance of the real route. Finally, we’ve modified the approach to ETA recalculations. ETA gets recalculated on every major booking update, such as completing a stop, and additionally, every 8 minutes. Learn more about our new ETA service in our Help Center.


Providing a reliable estimated time of arrival to customers sets realistic expectations which improves customer satisfaction and experience. Accurate ETAs also benefit dispatchers, as they help estimate when a driver will become available for new bookings.


We will continue to closely monitor the quality of ETA calculations and invest in improving them. If you’d like to report an issue related to ETA or suggest an improvement, please contact our Customer Success team.


More features and updates

Building the business

The Guest mode in the Webbooker

The Guest mode in the Webbooker has been revamped to provide a low-barrier introduction to your delivery services for potential customers. They can check the services you offer, as well as the service areas where you operate, and prepare a booking to view the final price without registering. Contact our Customer Success team if you’d like to enable the Guest mode on your Webbooker.

Bulk import of Customers and Drivers using CSV

Migrating to MotionTools is now easier for tenants with an existing user base. Operators can migrate their customers and drivers by simply uploading a CSV file. To start the migration, click the Import button on the corresponding dashboard pages for Drivers and Customers.


Optimizing operations

The Auto-Planner now supports up to 1000 packages (Packages Extension)

The automatic package drop-off tour planner has received its first major update, now allowing for planning up to 1000 packages simultaneously. This update targets tenants that manage package delivery operations on a large scale. Learn more about the Auto-planner in our Help Center.

One-click package removal from a drop-off tour (Packages Extension)

Admins can now remove a package from a drop-off tour directly from the Package Details page. Previously, they had to open the Package Dispatcher, find the right tour, remove the package, and save changes. This process has been streamlined into a single step.


Executing the tasks

New options for package management in the Package Scanner (Packages Extension)

We have improved the Package Scanner by adding more package management options. Users of the Driver app can now remove a scanned package from a scheduled drop-off tour and mark a package as delivered.

When a package is removed from a drop-off tour, it will be transitioned back to the At Hub status, making it ready to be replanned for delivery.

Marking a package as delivered is possible for packages in the At Hub and Failed statuses. Once marked, a corresponding event with a timestamp will appear on the Package Journey and Tracking page.

To learn more about the Package Scanner feature, check out the Scan and View Package details via the Driver app article.

Package destinations in the Tour Load Queue (Packages Extension)

The Tour Load Queue in the Package Scanner now displays not only a list of IDs of packages included in a drop-off tour but also the destination addresses. This improvement is for drivers and hub workers who use the app’s scanner to ensure all packages are loaded according to the delivery route. Check out the Scan and View Package Details via the Driver App article to learn more about the Package Scanner.


Delighting customers

More granular control over support links

Support links can now be configured per user role, for both customers and drivers, via the Dashboard. These links provide access to the Help Center, external chat, support email, and call center phone numbers. To explore the new approach to support links, go to Settings → Business details → Help and Legal URLs.

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