MotionTools Updates June 2023

Feature highlight: Saved Places



Saved Places now support editing and metadata.


In recent months, the Saved Place feature became an integral part of many dispatching features on the platform, for example, the Auto-merger, and we continue integrating Saved Places into new scenarios and flows. These changes led us to revisit the Saved Places feature and make it less restrictive. This, in turn, removed barriers for tenants that need to actively manage Saved Places as part of their operations. Learn more about Saved Place in our Help Center.


We’ll continue building features that rely on the concept of Saved Places and Hubs. We’ll also work on improving the dashboard experience for defining a Saved Place location using either the address form or a map.


More features and updates

More flexibility to update booking prices

Admins can now change the price of a booking after it has been created already and even if a credit card is selected as the payment method. Learn more about manual price updates in our Help Center.

Automatic handling of failed payments

Once a booking is completed, customers can now easily pay the increased booking price or retry a failed payment from the Details page. Additonally, customers are automatically notified via an email notification in case a payment failed. Learn more about charging an adjusted booking price in our Help Center.

Removing related stops in Quick Edit in one click

The Quick Edit modal now recognizes stops from the same parent booking and allows you to remove all of them in one click. This small improvement makes a big difference when working with tours that have dozens of stops. Learn more about Quick Edit in our Help Center.

Adding a custom stop to a tour

Admins can now add a custom stop to a tour on the details page. A custom stop is a stop that doesn't have a parent booking, i.e. it's not part of any other booking. Custom stops are helpful when you need to extend a driver's route and send them to a specific and independent location. To add a stop, click Add stop button in the Route section of the page. Note that the stop will be added immediately, and if it’s En Route tour, a driver will be notified.

Removing stops from the Details page

Previously, the only way to remove a stop from a tour was through Quick Edit. Now you can access remove options on the Booking Details page. Note that stops will be removed from a tour immediately, and if it’s En Route tour, a driver will be notified.

Appending metadata using PATCH

Working with metadata on all objects, such as bookings, customers, drivers, or saved places via API, is now easier. To add a new key-value pair, you no longer need to resubmit existing pairs. Instead, you can just pass new pairs using the PATCH method. Learn more about Metadata in our Help Center.

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