MotionTools Updates July 2023

Feature highlight: Proofs of stop completion



Admins can now use the Dashboard to configure which proof of stop completion types a driver can collect on a stop and which of them are mandatory. This configuration is done per service for each stop type. For example, when delivering parcels, a driver may be required to collect a signature of a sender at the pickup location and take photos or a signature at the drop-off location.


A proof of completion is a record that confirms goods have been delivered or services have been provided as agreed upon. Proofs play a crucial role in protecting the interests of both the sender and the recipient by reducing post-delivery friction and minimizing disputes related to delivery claims. Learn more about the Proofs of stop completion feature in our Help Center.


A few smaller updates are coming soon. For example, an additional text field will be added to hold the name of the person who provided a signature. Currently, the text note field has to be used for this purpose.

More features and updates

Auto-merger: Allow configuration of the frequency

We’ve made the frequency of the Auto-merger runs configurable. If the default 1-minute interval is too frequent for your operations and you’d like to increase it, please contact our Customer Success team. Learn more about the Automatic merging of bookings into optimized tours in our Help Center.

Auto-merger: Limit tour distance and the number of bookings included in a tour

The Auto-merger now allows limiting tours based on distance and the number of included bookings. If you’d like to add these limitations, please get in touch with our Customer Success team. Learn more about the Automatic merging of bookings into optimized tours in our Help Center.

Charging a security deposit

It is now possible to pre-authorize a security deposit when a customer pays for their booking with a credit card. This deposit is intended to cover price surcharges, such as distance or time-based fees, that may be added after the booking is completed. The amount of the security deposit can be configured through the price matrix for each combination of capabilities and service areas. Learn more about the security deposit feature in our Help Center.

Better stop group management

In the past, it was only possible to add a stop group attribute when creating a booking, and it wasn’t allowed to modify this attribute later on. But with the new update, admins can manage the attribute on existing bookings and tours via a dedicated endpoint. Learn more about the stop groups feature in our Help Center.

Failing a stop and removing related stops from a tour in just one click

Admins can now fail a stop and take out all the stops that came from the same parent booking in one click on the Booking Details page. This speeds up the process of adjusting tours significantly. For example, an admin can quickly remove all drop-off stops related to a pickup stop that can’t be completed. Learn more about Failing a stop in our Help Center.

Record a name of a user who marked a package as Delivered

The Package Journey now shows the name of the user who marked a package as delivered. This feature enhances traceability when a package status gets updated outside of a driver tour.

Beta: Uber Integration

We have released a beta version of an Uber integration that enables the forwarding of all booking requests to Uber drivers, as well as syncing status updates between both platforms. This integration can help expand into more markets without requiring an internal workforce or cover peak hours to reduce costs associated with an internal workforce. To enable this integration, please contact our Customer Success team. A contract with Uber is required. Learn more about Uber Integration in our Help Center.

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