Merging package drop-off tours in one click


The “Instant merge of drop-off tours” option allows admins to combine multiple package drop-off tours into one with just one click. This feature streamlines the process of managing multiple tours that starts from the same pickup location.

Availability and permissions

The “Instant merge of drop-off tours” option is available to Admins on accounts where the Packages feature is enabled.

Eligible drop-off tours

Tours must be On Hold (to_be_dispatched) and start from the same pickup location.

How to merge drop-off tours

As an Admin, navigate to either the Bookings or Operations pages and select multiple package drop-off tours. If eligible tours are chosen, the "Instant merge of drop-off tours" option will become available in the dropdown menu. Select the option to merge tours.

Merge drop-off tours.png

Once merging is complete, the confirmation window will appear with the options to Quick Edit the resulting tour, or to make it visible to drivers.

Merging rules

The algorithm selects the target tour that is scheduled earliest and appends the drop-off stop from the other selected tours to it. If there are multiple tours scheduled for the same earliest date and time, the algorithm selects any of them.

Drop-off tours that were merged into a target tour are automatically cancelled.

If the merged tours had the Return to Hub option enabled, but the target tour did not, the option wouldn’t be transferred to the target tour. If necessary, use the Package Dispatcher to enable the option on the target tour.

Route optimization

The “Instant merge of drop-off tours” option doesn’t automatically optimize the resulting route after merging. To ensure the best route, use the Quick Edit feature to review and re-optimize the route if necessary. Learn more about the Quick Edit feature in this article.

Merging drop-off tour via API

Use the “Dispatch or move stops into existing tour” endpoint to perform merging via API. Learn more about the endpoint in the API documentation.

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