MotionTools Updates September 2023

New feature of the month: Display options for booking stops




Dispatchers can customize how stops are displayed on the Operations, Bookings – Map View and List View pages. They can choose to display all stops or only specific ones and configure which stop details should be shown. Learn more about new options in the Help Center.


Flexible display options enable dispatchers to extract and view information relevant to their operations. For instance, dispatchers who oversee deliveries from a single hub can decide to view only drop-off-stops, while operations involving free-floating drivers might require dispatchers to view all stops.


We'll continue introducing options for creating a dashboard experience customized to dispatchers' needs. Soon, options will become combinable into dedicated views, making it easy to switch between different configurations tailored to specific workflows.


More features and updates

New Tours section on the Dashboard

We’ve added a new section to the Dashboard — Tours. The section has a similar appearance and functionality to the Bookings section but only displays tours. Tours have become an integral part of the platform, and the new section is the initial step in improving the dispatcher experience with tours. Contact our Customer Success team if you’d like to get early access to the Tours section.

New instant merge option for hub-based operations

We have extended our support for tenants that always start their operations at hubs and want to add the pickup stop at the hub as a step in the driver journey. For this use case, we have introduced a dedicated option for merging bookings into tours. The algorithm will group the stops on the tour accordingly: the driver will start and end at the hub, and the route between multiple customer stops will be optimized for the shortest time. Learn more about Instant Merge options in the Help Center.

Additional stop attributes are now editable

Following last month's promise, we have expanded the range of stop attributes that can be edited after creating a booking. Previously, attributes that were impossible to modify via the Dashboard (such as priority level or geofencing settings) can now be edited directly from the Booking Details page. Learn more about new editing capabilities in the Help Center.

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