MotionTools Updates November 2023

Feature highlight: Delivering packages using tours




We've completely revamped our Packages feature, making it more powerful than ever before. We're no longer restricting ourselves to the concepts of pickup and drop-off tours. From now on, any tour can be used to deliver packages.


Adopting the Packages feature including our powerful label and scan support is now much easier. If you deliver physical goods and would like to reflect the individual packages in MotionTools, you won't need to change the way you work with our dispatching tools. You can simply start creating packages on the platform and attaching them to tours for delivery.


This new functionality is currently in beta testing. We're planning to release this feature in January, so watch out for updates! In the meantime, contact the Customer Success team if you'd like to learn more about the packages feature.


More features and updates

Updating managing organizations

Until recently, managing organizations—organizations that are responsible for incoming bookings and outgoing tours—could only be set on booking creation. This restriction has been lifted and the corresponding Dashboard updates will be rolled out in the next weeks. Dispatchers will be able to assign a booking or a tour to an entire organization, not just individual drivers, with just a few clicks.

Adding and removing individual stops

Over the last few months, we’ve been adding more editing options to the Booking and Tour Details pages, and November was no exception. We’ve been working on allowing customers and dispatchers to add and remove stops from bookings on the Booking Details page. The corresponding Dashboard changes will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Resending Welcome emails

When creating a customer via the Dashboard, a dispatcher has the option to send a Welcome email to that customer, prompting them to verify their email. We've extended this feature and now allow resending the email if a customer ignored the previous one. This feature is now available via API. The Dashboard changes will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Support for package returns (Packages Extension)

We've introduced a new package attribute – Return. Customers can add this attribute to packages to explicitly indicate that this package travels back to its origin. Together with the new attribute, we'll be rolling out the filtering of packages by their attributes on the Dashboard in the coming weeks.

Enhancement of the Package Scanner (Packages Extension)

We've expanded the functionality of the Package Scanner feature in the Driver app. Drivers can now move packages between hubs and recover Failed packages by updating their current location to one of the hubs. Learn more about Package Scanner in the Help Center.

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