Stop deduplication


The Stop deduplication feature automatically identifies and removes duplicate stops on tour routes. This feature is particularly useful when merging package tours with identical hubs.

When deduplicating stops, please note the following:

  • To determine if stop locations are the same, the system checks whether locations have either the same Saved place attached or the same destination key.
  • Only stops without parents can be deduplicated.
  • Only stops that are marked as scheduled can be deduplicated.

If the Packages extension is enabled, the following additional rules apply:

  • The packages will be moved into a single stop.
  • The route consistency will be evaluated:
    • Packages can only be picked up at their pickup place or an active hub, and they can only be delivered to active hubs or destinations.
    • Packages that are to be picked up must have a planned drop-off on the same tour.

Availability and permissions

The feature is currently available for dispatchers with an admin role on the Tour Details page and in Quick Edit.

A tour must be in one of the following statuses:

  • Scheduled (scheduled)
  • On Hold (to_be_dispatched)
  • Claimed (claimed)
  • Pickable (pickable)
  • Looking for drivers (searching_provider)
  • Assigning (pending_provider)
  • En Route (en_route)
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