Release Notes April 2024

Feature highlight: Fully-featured Booking and Tour Details pages



We have consolidated all the supported editing features directly on the Detail page and in return removed the separate Edit page.


Previously, editing features were scattered across the Dashboard, with some available on the Edit page, some on the Details page, and others in the Quick Edit modal. This setup wasn’t user-friendly. So we improved it. A small subset of editing features, specifically for route updates, remains available in the Quick Edit.


In our pursuit of a better user experience, we will introduce brand new Booking and Tour Details pages. The pages will feature a significantly improved layout and greater information density making all necessary details easily accessible at a glance.


More features and updates

Updated UI for preferred driver selection

We've reworked the Dashboard UI for assigning drivers and organizations. The previously used popover outgrew itself: its rich functionality caused rendering and usability issues. To solve them all, we replaced the popover with a dedicated modal screen. Learn more our manual driver assigning features or about managing organizations in our Help Center.

A new version of the Package Scanner

In the Driver app, we've introduced a second version of the Package Scanner featuring a new layout and an additional Continuous Scanning Mode. In this mode, the scanner doesn't stop after recognizing a package, simplifying and speeding up the scanning of a large number of packages. And thanks to the new layout, which shows package details under the camera view, there's no longer a need to switch between the camera view and package details. Learn more about the Package Scanner in the Help Center.

Scan events on the Package Journey

When a Driver app user scans a package in the Package Scanner, the "Scan" event now appears on the Package Journey. These records serve as paper trails, allowing dispatchers to identify persons who interacted with a package.

Relocating packages in bulk

Dispatchers can now change the hubs for multiple packages at once from the Packages page. Previously, this was only possible for individual packages on the Package Details page.

Configurable package details

The information displayed for a package on the Tour Details page of the Dashboard and on the Stop screen in the Driver app is now configurable. By default, the shortcode of a package, external IDs, and recipient are still displayed. However, this can be adjusted to show the destination's location name, package properties, and metadata. Please reach out to our support team for customization requests.

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