Set up your Ops configuration


Ops configurations allow you to set Opening hours, Closed days, Scheduling modes, Customer and Driver related parameters for bookings.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Click on Settings, then click on Scheduling configuration.
  2. Edit existing Ops configurations, or click on Create new configuration to add new ops settings for different service areas.
  3. Hit Save button on the bottom left corner.



Scheduling modes


  • Enable instant Bookings so that the checkbox appears in the Webbooker. When created and dispatched, bookings then get visible in the Home tab of the Driver app.


  • Enable or disable scheduled bookings to show or hide the scheduling timeslots in the Webbooker. When created & dispatched this will be visible in the ‘Requests’ tab in the Driver app.

When creating a booking, MotionTools validates if the booking can get created based on the ops configuration defined.


Timeslot configuration

Define the Customer related parameters for scheduled bookings.

Timeslot increment in seconds

  • Shows the available window period for delivery when making a scheduled booking, which needs to be set to 600 sec and higher. Note: This is relevant for the Webbooker only.
  • For example, this parameter is set to 1800, which appears as a 30-minute window per delivery. You may check the ‘Show time window’ option to reveal timeslots to your customers.



Lead time in seconds

  • Shows the earliest possible timeslot a customer can start to schedule a booking (also via API). For example, this parameter is set to 3600 and the current time now is 13:00, indicates the earliest timeslot to schedule a booking will be at 14:00.




Show time window

  • Shows the exact window period for delivery when creating a booking in the Webbooker.


Scheduling parameters

The scheduling parameters define how a scheduled booking behaves to Drivers for scheduled bookings.

Start before, min

  • Driver will be able to start the trip X minutes before the actual scheduled booking time. For example, booking is scheduled at 14:00 and this parameter is set to 60, indicates that the driver can start the booking at 13:00.

Remind driver before, min

  • Driver will be reminded to start the booking Y minutes before the claimed trip expires. For example, this parameter is being set to 5. The driver has claimed the trip at 14:00 previously, and he will get a notification to start the actual trip at 13:55 if the booking has not been started then.
    • Note: Drivers need to start the booking after claiming, otherwise the claimed booking will expire and convert into an instant booking for other drivers after Z minutes.

Expire before, min

  • The claimed booking will expire Z minutes before the scheduled time, if the driver fails to start it. For example, this parameter is set to 10. The booking is scheduled for 14:00, hence driver needs to start the booking latest by 13:50. Otherwise it expires at 13:51 and switches from ‘Scheduled’ to ‘Looking for Driver’ to find the next closest driver who is available to accept the booking.

Once a booking is created in a particular ops configuration, any changes made later to the parameters will not be applied to the earlier bookings created before. To apply the new parameters, a new booking will then have to be created.


Opening hours

Define opening hours for each day of the week.

Bookings can be made between the ‘Start hour’ and ‘End hour’ of your opening hours, but it is not possible to create bookings that are beyond these opening hours defined. For example, the ‘Start hour’ and ‘End hour’ are set from 14:00 to 17:00 daily, which means that the only available time to have a booking executed will have to be between these timings.



Customers can schedule a booking at any time of the day, as long as they are selecting a pick up timeslot that is within the opening hours. For example, you can schedule a booking in the middle of the night, for a delivery to be made at 14:30 later.

If the working hours extend to the next day (e.g. 10:00 on Monday - 03:00 on Tuesday), check ‘Closes next day’ box. Checking this box will not affect the next day's opening hours.


Closed days

Specify on which days the service area will be closed all day, regardless of other parameters (Opening day, Opening hours) set previously. Closed days will impact the available pickup dates that can be chosen by your customer. This feature helps to manage holidays, blocked-out days or other non-operational periods.

For example, Closed days are specified as 2021-12-29, 2021-12-30, 2021-12-31, which means that the system will recommend the next possible opening day (1 January 2022) to be allowed a scheduled booking, if any of the specified dates are being selected.



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