Create a booking

ℹ️  This page explains how to create a booking on MotionTools as a customer and as an admin.





  • A MotionTools Tenant has been launched for you.
  • You have been invited as an admin to this tenant.
  • You signed your admin user up on your MotionTools tenant.
  • At least one customer account has been created.


Create a customer

At least one customer account is required in order to be able to create bookings. Read Create a customer for more information.


Create a booking with the Webbooker

Use the Webbooker as an Admin and create bookings on behalf of a Customer. Admins can also log in with a customer account and create a Booking.


Basic steps for creating a booking

  1. Go to Bookings on the Webbooker.
  2. Hit the + button.
  3. Only as admin: Search & select a customer account you have just created.
  4. Define a first and potentially a second stop. 
  5. Choose from available booking attributes (known as Capabilities).
  6. Define the start time of your booking. If a booking needs to be completed as soon as possible, we recommend the Instant or Now option. To time bookings in the future, use scheduled bookings. Read Set up your scheduling configuration for more information.
  7. Hit Book.



Execute a booking

Read Execute a booking for more information.


Track a booking

  1. Go to Bookings tab on Dashboard.
  2. Past, future and active bookings are visible there.
  3. Filter by scheduled date, service areas, booking statuses and customers.


Optional data

Fill in stop contact details. These will be visible in the Driver app and the Driver can call or send text messages to the customer. Masked communication via Twilio is also possible.

Fill in additional information about the driver and this information will also be visible in the Driver app.

If pricing and payment method is enabled you can select a payment method. If invoice address is enabled you can optionally fill in an invoice address.

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