Onboard a driver

ℹ️  This page explains how to onboard and manage drivers on MotionTools.





  • A MotionTools tenant has been launched for you.
  • You have been invited as an admin to this tenant.
  • You signed your admin user up on your MotionTools tenant.


Create an organization

  1. Click on Organizations tab.
  2. Click on + button.
  3. Enter a business name, email and business tax ID.
  4. Enter ‘0’ for Commission rate.
  5. Select a Service area for this Organization. You can also edit this information later if a service area hasn’t been configured.
  6. Click on Business address and enter all information required about the business.
  7. Hit Create.

💡  The commission rate is only relevant if payments are run between Customer and Driver with MotionTools.




Invite driver to an organization

  1. Click on Drivers tab.
  2. Click on + button.
  3. Enter a new email address and the organization that the Driver will be assigned to.
  4. Hit Invite.

The same email address can only be used once per role. Please use an email address different from an admin’s or a customer’s.




Download the ‘MotionTools’ app

To perform your first delivery, download the app ‘MotionTools’.

To request a dedicated app with your company branding and logo, reach out to support@motiontools.com.


Sign up in the app

After inviting a driver, an email will be sent to the email address to complete the sign up process. Read Sign up new driver in driver app for more information.


Go online

After setting up the driver account, locate the slider at the top of the screen and slide right to go online. Define the  Capability (e.g. bike, cargo bike) to go online with and this choice defines which bookings the driver will receive.


Execute a booking

Once online on the Driver app, read Execute a booking for more information. If a booking has not been created, read Create a booking.


Select a preferred navigation app and vehicle

Drivers have the option to switch to a preferred 3rd party navigation app (i.e. Google Maps) or switch to a preferred vehicle while executing the booking.

For this, open the App and go to the side menu located on the top left of your screen. Click on Settings and then Navigation.


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