Execute a booking


This page explains how to execute a booking with a driver using the MotionTools app.



  • Your business is configured.
  • A driver was onboarded.
  • A customer was created.
  • A booking was created.


Execute a booking

  • Ensure that the Driver is online in the MotionTools app.
  • Ensure that the driver is located in the right service area and close enough to the first stop.
  • Select a pickable, instant or scheduled booking in the Driver app.
  • Execute the Booking until it is completed.


Specific booking types

Pickable bookings

  • Make sure that the driver is online in the same service area as the booking was created in.
  • The driver should see a list of 'Pickable bookings'.
  • Pick a booking to start.
  • Follow the flow of the app executing the booking until you reach the 'Booking ended' screen.


Instant bookings (alternative to Pickable bookings)

  • MotionTools also supports instant bookings. In this case a booking that is supposed to be executed as soon as possible, will be sent to nearby drivers sequentially.
  • How far a driver can be located from the pickup location and how quickly all nearby drivers will get the requests depends on the configuration of your tenant.


Scheduled bookings

  • Scheduled bookings are visible under the Requests tab in the Driver app.
  • If the driver picked a scheduled booking, it will be saved in the Upcoming tab.
  • The driver can start an upcoming booking X min before the scheduled time.
  • The driver will be notified Y min before the scheduled time.
  • If the driver does not start your upcoming booking, it expires Z min before the scheduled time and changes to an Instant booking which pops up as request to all other drivers close by to claim.
  • These time variables can be changed in the Dashboard under Settings > Scheduling configuration of the service area. Read Set up your scheduling configuration for more information.



"I don't understand the process for drivers."

  • View the sample video below.



I don't get any bookings in the Driver app.”

  • Check if you are online as Driver with a valid internet connection and GPS enabled.
  • Check if your location is displayed within the Dashboard (an icon should be visible on the map). If this is not the case, check the filter settings. Are all service areas visible and selected?
  • You might be located outside of the service area. Please move to the selected service area or change the service area of the booking on the Webbooker.


I have some other issues.”

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