Assign booking to a driver


This article explains how Admins can select a preferred driver to complete a booking. Bookings can be in 'Pickable' or 'Scheduled' status for them to be force assigned or suggested to a driver.


Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the Bookings tab.
  2. Locate the Booking and click on drop-down list: No preferred drivers.
  3. You can select a Preferred Driver from the search bar, or filter by ‘Available’ and ‘In the booking's service area’ for a closer pick up and delivery proximity.
  4. Select a Driver who is currently Online and Available and click on Assign.
  5. If drivers are all currently offline, you may click Suggest and wait for them to be online and accept the booking.



Force assigning

  • Admins can force assign a dispatched booking to one driver. (’On Hold’ bookings are not dispatched yet and therefore admins can only suggest them to a driver and not force assign).
  • An Instant booking becomes active to the driver if accepted and started an instant booking request.
  • A Scheduled Booking gets ‘claimed’ by a driver after being assigned. The driver can then find the claimed booking in the Upcoming tab on the Driver app. However, the driver still needs to start the booking before it expires.


Suggest as Preferred driver

  • When adding a driver as a preferred driver, the booking will be visible only to this particular driver or a group of drivers if multiple ones are selected.
  • Multiple bookings can be suggested to a driver who is offline. The driver will then receive the notifications and available bookings to claim and start when they are online.


Dispatching On Hold bookings to drivers



To dispatch a booking that is ‘On Hold’ to a particular driver, first select the driver and Suggest the booking. Next, click on the Dispatch icon and the driver will receive a notification for an incoming booking.

If a booking is not suggested to a driver before it is being dispatched, the booking's status gets updated to 'Scheduled’, 'Pickable' or 'Looking for Driver' and the booking is now visible to all drivers to claim the booking.

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