Booking statuses


This article gives an overview of the states of a booking at creation or when a change is made.


On hold

The booking is put on hold and not available for drivers to see from the driver app.



The booking was previously in 'On Hold' status, and is being released for drivers to claim.


Partially dispatched

This indicates that a booking still contains undistributed stops.



A booking in 'Pickable' status will be matched with drivers who are in the service area, close to the pickup location and a part of the organization assigned when booking is created. Bookings in this status that fulfil the criteria will be visible for drivers to claim.



The booking is scheduled to be completed later.



The booking is being accepted by a driver and waiting to start.


Looking for driver

The system is searching for a driver.



The booking is assigned to a driver but has yet to be accepted.


En route

The driver is currently en route to complete the booking.



The booking has been completed, however it does not necessarily mean that the payment is completed. For tenants that have 'Invoice' payment method enabled, completed payment will not be immediate.


Processing payment

The payment is processing and has not completely gone through.



The booking has been paid for.



The booking has been cancelled by either the admin, customer or driver.

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