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This article explains the stops, which are an integral part of Booking. Each booking can have one or more Stops, which represent individual Locations a Driver would need to drive to perform a pickup, a drop-off, or a certain task. The stops of a booking have to be located inside a Service area. You can learn more about booking validation here. Stops have additional attributes, features and a certain behaviour that is explained below. How many stops are required and/ or possible is configurable.


Stop attributes

Stops can be arranged in any order and a booking does not necessarily need to start with Pickup as the first stop.

Stop type

Stops can either be a Pickup, which indicated that a driver has to pick something up at this stop. Or it can be a Drop-off, which indicates that a driver has to drop something off at this stop. Additional types of stops like 'tasks' are planned. 



Each stop has a location/ address associated with it, which in itself consists of multiple attributes:

  • Street name and House number (required)
  • Postal code (required, configurable)
  • City (required)
  • Geo-coordinates (required, will be optional soon)
  • Location name (optional)
  • Contact at location (optional, configurable)
  • Additional information (optional, configurable)


Details on geo-coordinates

The exact location of a stop is not defined by the address but by geo-coordinates, which are expressed as lat/lng values (e.g. lat: 53.551085, lng: 10.3824).


Details on location name

This is the name of the location, which can be a publicly known place or point of interest, e.g. like an airport or a mall.



Details on contact at location

The First name, Last name, Email and Phone number and required fields to fill in when making a booking. If the ‘Use contact details of the user account’ box is checked, these fields will be replaced by the details of the Customer who was first entered when making the booking.



Details on additional information

Additional information on a stop e.g. floor, suite, apt number can be added. This text field allows up to 280 characters. Up to 10 photos of the items to be transported can also be uploaded for planning the booking optimally.

Notes and photos are available on per stop basis for ease of customers to explain what needs to be done on each individual stop.



Proof of completion

If this setting is enabled in the configurator, drivers will be required to send at least one image or obtain one signature from recipient to complete the pickup and drop-off respectively. To enable ‘proof-of-completion’, reach out to

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