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At the core of MotionTools there are several concepts, activities and user roles that are essential to understand in order to get started. We’ll now provide a quick overview of how the system works, by going through the typical workflow.

The journey starts with a Booking, which is a request from a Customer to complete a Service. A booking can consist of one or multiple Stops and optionally include Packages. While a Stop represents a task that needs to be completed at a certain location, a Package represents an item that can be tracked individually. The primary task at a Stop usually is a pickup or drop-off of Packages. However, Stops can also include secondary tasks, such as completing a checklist or collecting a signature. All incoming Bookings can either be automatically or manually bundled into optimized routes, which are called Tours in MotionTools. The activity of building Tours and assigning them to Drivers is called dispatching.


MotionTools is highly configurable on various levels in order to best reflect the uniqueness of each individual Operator. It is possible to configure different customer facing services, service areas, prices and operating hours as well as the dispatching behaviour based on the booked service and also whether incoming bookings should be automatically dispatched and by which rules. While some of the functionality requires some effort and is best discussed with out customer success team, we do provide various “proven setups” out of the box and allow to configure many settings in a self-serving way.


If you want to learn more about how MotionTools how to get started, please check out Getting started with MotionTools. We offer free trials and have transparent pricing, based on the feature scope you want to use and the stops you will consume on a monthly basis. Besides our standard plans, we also offer a wide variety of extensions, such as white-labeled driver apps or single sign on. We are working with ambitious operators, experienced tech founders and corporate innovators alike, which means that we have multiple ways on how you can work with us, according to your needs and budget. While it is possible to work with our Software in a fully self-serving way, we do offer concierge-like onboarding packages as well as a professional services program, that will help you to configure the platform to you needs and also build customizations on top of our API.



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