MotionTools Platform

This article gives an overview of the MotionTools platform, including Features and Extensions. 



A building kit for services that move the world

MotionTools is a cloud platform that helps companies to move things and people from A to B in a faster and smarter way.


Launch faster

Launching a new or upgrading your existing transportation service is as is easy as it gets with MotionTools. Get access to a trial tenant within 24 hours and launch a pre-configured standard setup instantly. The MotionTools templates are designed for specific business cases like quick commerce or logistics as a service.


Grow smarter

Don’t be stuck with standard processes. When working with MotionTools you can adjust standard configuration easily via the dashboard. Besides this, you can also build 'on top' of MotionTools with your own engineering team. Learn more about working with MotionTools as a developer here.

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