Create an API key

ℹ️  This page explains how to get API access to interact with the API.





  • A MotionTools Dashboard has been launched for you.
  • You have access as an Admin to the Dashboard.


Creating API Keys

API keys are created in the Dashboard. Follow these steps to create a new key.

  1. In the Dashboard, select the icon in the top right corner to navigate to the account settings


  2. Select API Access from the side menu on the left side of the dashboard.


  3. Enter a name for the new API key then click the Generate token button to create it. Please note that the API key will only be shown once after creating it, so make sure to save it in a secure place.


    💡 This page also contains the list of previously generated API keys

  4. The new API key will be shown.


    💡 To delete an API key, press the bin icon next to it.

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