MotionTools API Introduction


Getting started with the API is straighforward and requires minimal setup. Read our full API Docs at


Base URL

The very first step is to decide on the environment to use. This choice will define the base URL for upcoming requests:

  • Production environment →
  • Staging environment →



Requests to the API require the following two headers:

  • Authorization: Bearer <API_KEY>
  • Content-Type: application/json

Authorization is achieved via a Bearer token. See Create an API key to learn how to obtain one.


Identifying the request

The API Documentation lists all endpoints available on the MotionTools platform.

The endpoints can be browsed in the left side of the screen menu, where they are grouped in multiple categories. Alternatively, a search feature makes it easy to find & jump to endpoints of interest.


Visual example of how the API documentation looks for the Create Hailing Booking endpoint.


The API Documentation showcases detailed information about each endpoint, including:

  • Complete request body specification.
  • Supported queryparameters by the respective endpoint.
  • Possible response cases: success & failure.
  • A sample payload for successful responses (in the right panel).
  • Typed information about all values expected as part of the request body, and of values present on the response — including whether a value is mandatory or nullable.

2022-01-31_12.06.59.gifSelecting an endpoint and performing a drill-down on the expected request body


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