The MotionTools Dispatcher is a set of Add-on-features that allows tenants to manipulate Bookings, optimize tours, and assign Bookings to Organizations and Drivers. Dispatcher features can be used either via API or from within the Dashboard in case they are turned on. Several features are turned off by default, please contact support@motiontools.com if you are interested in using them.



Booking manipulation

The Dispatcher not only lets an Admin create Bookings on behalf of a Customer, but also gives various features to edit the booking itself or its status. Admins can e.g. cancel a booking, change certain details, override the standard price (if pricing is enabled), and end the booking on behalf of a driver in case a driver didn't finish it properly in the Driver app.


Booking assignment

Admins can use the Dispatcher to assign Bookings to relevant drivers. There are various options like setting one or multiple drivers as Preferred drivers and therefore limiting the visibility. Bookings can also be force-reassigned to one driver. For tenants that have the manual dispatching feature turned on, admins can also put bookings on hold or release them to all eligible drivers.


Tour building

Tenants that have the advanced dispatching feature turned on get access to one or multiple route optimization and tour building features. MotionTools support various features like Instant-merge and Merge with preview for Bookings into optimized routes and thus, tours. The goal is always to create more efficiency in the logistics operations. If you want to learn more about this, please read Introduction to tour building.

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