This article explains what Services are, how they can be customized to an operator's needs and how services influence pricing and the customer experience in the Webbooker.

A Service is what an Operator offers their Customers or requests from their Drivers. Any booking that a customer requests or any Tour that is assigned to a Driver is of a specific service. Services allow to configure the behaviour and customize it to the needs of an operator. 

This includes but is not limited to the number of minimum and maximum allowed stops, required capabilities for a driver to be eligible for the tour, how the dispatching workflow looks like as well as multiple details of the execution such as proof of completion requirements, checklists and much more. It is even possible to price tours to form the basis for corresponding earnings for partner organizations and individual drivers (coming soon).


Key features

Basic attributes of a service

On the service level, an account can decide how many Stops are required as a minimum and allowed as a maximum (up to 50) to be able to create a Booking. This can be helpful for certain types of transportation services if a minimum amount of stops is required to make the job worthwhile.

Besides configuring the number of stops, the capabilities to offer certain services can be decided. This helps to make sure that certain combinations can’t be booked. Pricing is defined per service, which allows for interesting setups, such as offering a 'moving service' that allows to book large trucks, multiple helpers to carry heavy items and bill this per hour, alongside offering a courier service, that is billed per kilometer and won’t allow for booking additional helpers. A service basically bundles multiple capabilities into a bookable unit. Therefore it is recommended to read more about Capabilities.


Configuring Services

By default, each account has exactly one Service — the 'default' service. Services can be configured in a self-serving way via the Dashboard. To find out which services exist on your account, go to Settings > Services in the dashboard or request your service configuration via API here

If an order is placed via API without a service_id, the booking will be created with the default service.


Influence on price

When additional Services are defined besides the 'default' service, you can define a completely separate set of pricing for each Service in a self-serving way, directly in the Dashboard.



Influence on webbooker

If more than one Service is enabled, Customers can see different Services in the webbooker. Based on the selection of the Service, details and Booking options of each Service - the Capabilities - are automatically adjusted.


Impact on the driver experience

Drivers are not aware of services. Drivers define capabilities as usual when going online. The matching engine will find drivers with capabilities that satisfy the minimum booking requirements.

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