Configuring services


This page explains what services are, how you can configure them to suit your business needs and how it appears in the Webbooker and pricing configuration.

With services, you can bring in multiple services on the same platform, show or hide a different 'bundle of capabilities' and define different pricing for each service. Multiple services are only relevant if 1) Customers are using the platform inclusive of the Webbooker 2) Pricing is enabled.


Defining your services

Services can be configured directly in the dashboard. Each account has at least the 'default' service configured, which bundles all available capabilities that will appear in the Webbooker and pricing configuration.



All configurable services are built up as follows:


The key represents the type of service you offer e.g. batched delivery, moving services, concierge services, point-to-point delivery and so on. Please note that once a new key is created as a service, it cannot be changed (deleted) afterwards. Only 'a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and _' may be include as edits.

However, there is an Enabled button which allows tenants to turn this service 'off' or 'on' when needed.



Translation of the key can be changed afterwards, but the key needs to be still used when creating a booking via API. In this example we give our default service the name 'Delivery'.



The following affects/ limits the creation of a booking or package via the webbooker, the mobile app or via API.

Minimum number of stops

This represents the minimum number of stops allowed for booking with this service. There must be at least 1 stop defined in this category, and up to the number of minimum stops required.


Number of stops allowed

This represents the maximum number of stops allowed for booking with this service. There is no limit to this number on the system, which means up to 50 stops or more can be defined if needed.



Once the capabilities have been configured in the configurator, they can be enabled them to the needs of a particular service. There must be at least one capability enabled for each service. Read Capabilities for more information.

Capabilities are currently only configured via the configurator. Please reach out to to configure your capabilities.


Price matrix

Each capability defined will also affect the pricing matrix on the dashboard.



Known restrictions

  • Services are not supported by customer mobile apps. The mobile apps show the capabilities of the default service.
  • Services are not configurable per service area.
  • A service must include at least one capability and capability option i.e. small car, medium car, large car.
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