MotionTools Updates February 2022

The product and engineering teams at MotionTools keep working to bring you new features and product enhancements. Check out what's been released this week!


📦 Packages

  • Introduced the ability to setup failure reasons in the dashboard
  • Improvements of the package import feature
    • Ability to deal with special characters inside of addresses
    • Improvement of error messaging if package destination is outside of the service area
  • Improvements to the package dispatcher
    • Ability to remove stops/ destinations
    • Ability to manually adjust the order of stops
    • Fixed the button to ignore and continue in case package creation failed


🚗 Fleet manager

  • Support for Movelo bikes with AXA locks
  • Fixed the feature to refresh the vehicle status


📱Driver app

Library versions: iOS 1.7.3, Android 8.0.1

  • Reduced the standard size of uploaded photos without losing a lot of image quality to improve the uploading speed
  • Redesigned the booking details screen
  • Support for sending a driver offline via the dashboard
  • Showing pins on the map for all bookings in the list for pickable bookings sorted via distance


🖥️ Dashboard

  • Ability to block and unblock users via the dashboard/ API


📞 Masked communications

  • Restricted the ability to contact a recipient to only during an active delivery


Explore the MotionTools API documentation for more resources. That's not all — we have more features to come that will improve how you and your customers use the MotionTools platform every day.

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