Release Notes September 2021

🔀 Dispatcher

  • Ability to mark certain stops as express stops and becoming completed as soon as driver confirms arrival at that stop
  • Introduced custom content editing after dispatching a booking
    • Ability to update custom content of a stop after booking has been dispatched
    • Ability to add last-minute delivery instructions for drivers


📕 Webbooker

  • Introduced autocompletion results including suggestions from Saved Places in Webbooker


📱 Driver app

  • Improved support for weak Internet connection in Driver app
    • Drivers will get early feedback if the request can't be completed
    • Driver app will display a message on the map indicating weak connection


📍 Saved places

  • Ability to save frequently used places for customers via dashboard


🛰️ Live tracking

    • Support for Movelo as the 6th telematics provider made available on MotionTools platform


➕ Custom content

  • Ability to add custom content elements to stops, such as checklists, popup reminders or simple text blocks
    • Displaying elements in app when a driver arrives at a stop


😀 User accounts

  • Allowing org-managers to force end a booking after it is started (previously only available to administrators)


✅ Hailing bookings

  • Introduced sound notifications for incoming bookings on dashboard
    • Dispatchers will hear a sound notification a new booking gets created in the system
  • Introduced active booking reassigning to another driver


Platform integrations

  • Introduced Braze SDK in driver app 
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