2021-07-05 Release Notes

📱Driver app

  • Allowing drivers to set their preferred way of travel in the driver app settings (by car, bike or on foot)

    • Will affect the route started in the preferred navigations app as well as the direction displayed inside of the driver app


🖥️ Dashboard

  • Introduced new Driver overview page in dashboard to show information about drivers, current bookings, state, location and more


💽 Metadata

  • Introduced custom booking metadata
    • Ability to add additional booking or stop attributes when creating a booking via API, such as external reference numbers or links to web pages


Hailing bookings

  • Support for manual dispatching for instant bookings

    • All created instant bookings will land in the 'On Hold' state. In this state bookings can be edited completely and then released to the drivers manually afterwards

    • Contact our support to enable this feature for drivers

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