Release Notes June 2021

📕 Webbooker

  • Introduced real-time updates on the Booking details page to reflect updates on driver location and booking status as soon as they are made


🖥️ Dashboard

  • Ability to mute booking request notifications via the dashboard

    • Dispatchers can mute booking request notifications on behalf of drivers via the dashboard, which was previously only available via API

  • Improved stop visibility controls for dashboard users on the map

    • For example, show only drop-off stops of all the bookings on the page, or show all stops but only of the selected booking

  • Ability to manage service area directly on the dashboard without involving customer support and waiting for the production release 

  • Introduced driver availability state for dispatchers to differentiate between drivers who are available and those completing active bookings on the dashboard


📱Driver app

  • Introduced referral feature for drivers to share unique referral links

    • Allowing tenants to track which drivers generate leads to the application form and which of these leads end up as new drivers

  • Allowing display of scheduled request notifications to be configured in the driver app

    • Drivers can display requests in full screen or as a banner and/or choose a full-screen display only if they are not on an active trip


🔀 Dispatcher

  • Ability to optimize a route of a booking or a driver tour in one click for the dispatcher

    • Stops will be rearranged to minimize the time a driver spends on the road

  • Introduced driver tour editing feature
    • Dispatcher can reschedule a driver tour that has not been dispatched, and edit stops that do not belong to any of the customer bookings


Hailing bookings

  • Introduced new 'match with all' configuration option to send instant booking requests to all eligible drivers at once, right after a booking creation.

    • Matching stays proximity-based and takes capabilities into account

    • Contact our support to enable this feature

  • Ability to force-assign bookings to drivers for dispatchers 

    • A force-assigned scheduled booking will appear in the Upcoming tab of the driver app and a force-assigned instant booking will appear in the Active tab

  • Introduced list of available instant booking requests display for drivers in the driver app
    • Instead of waiting for a request, drivers can accept and start the booking directly from the list

    • Contact our support to enable this feature

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