The MotionTools platform supports package deliveries through hubs. The Packages product allows Customers to create Bookings with assigned packages and print shipping labels. Drivers can scan packages at Stops to confirm package pickup and delivery, and Admins can flexibly route packages using driver tours.


Typical package journey

The MotionTools platform supports package deliveries through hubs.

The package journey starts from a package being created. Once it's created, an admin adds it to the pickup tour and gives this tour to a driver. The driver executes the tour and delivers the package to the hub.

Once the package is at the hub, the admin plans the drop-off tour to deliver the package to its destination. Finally, the driver executes the drop-off tour and delivers the package to the recipient.

We also support creating packages directly at a hub, by selecting a Saved place as the initial location of the package. This means that the admin will only have to plan the drop-off tour for package delivery to its destination.


Creating a package

A customer can create a package on the dashboard by uploading the CSV file or via API. Admins can also create a package on behalf of customers.


Package properties

Package properties define the size of packages and additional package services a Tenant offers. By default, the MotionTools platform supports three package properties:

  • Size category
  • Insurance
  • Refrigeration

For each property, a tenant can define an arbitrary number of options. For example, for the Size category property, the options such as Small Box, Medium Box, and Large Box can be defined.

Package properties don't impact the delivery flows and they don't get taken into account when the system optimizes the driver routes. However, package properties impact the delivery prices.


Package pricing

Package deliveries are priced according to the package properties and the Service area where the delivery will happen. A tenant defines delivery prices for each combination of a property option and a service area.

A tenant can define customer delivery discounts per service area. For example, a tenant can give a certain customer 30% discount on delivering packages in Hamburg while keeping the rates intact in Berlin.


Processing payments

The MotionTools platform doesn't process payments for package deliveries but offers various exporting and integration options to ensure that external accounting systems can process all the completed deliveries. Learn more about webhooks: Webhooks quickstart.


Package labels

Once a package is created, a customer can print a label containing the package and recipient information. The label size is 99 x 67 mm and eight labels fit on a DIN A4 paper. The label also includes a QR-code to speed up the work of drivers on stops.

We additionally support 100 x 150 mm labels to be printed up to two labels on a DIN A4 paper, or one label on a thermal roll sticker.


Dispatching a package

An admin plans package deliveries in the Package dispatcher section of the dashboard. Essentially, the dispatching work boils down to creating pickup and drop-off tours for drivers.

  • Pickup tour. A pickup tour is used to collect packages from customers and transit them to the hub.
  • Drop-off tour. A drop-off tour is used to deliver packages from the hub to recipients.

From the driver's perspective, a tour is just another booking with the addition of packages to be collected or distributed on stops.

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