Release Notes February 2022

👁️‍🗨️ Platform features

  • Introduced a new webhook called 'driver.locations_updated', which allows to subscribe to driver location updates of drivers that are not busy, but available. View our API docs for more information.
  • Reduced the length of one-time passwords for drivers to be 5 characters only.


🧠 Analytics

  • We now filter out anonymized drivers per default from any metric in the analytics page.


🖥️ Dashboard

  • Introduced a new homepage for admins, managers and customers that give a better overview of the features in the dashboard. 
  • Introduced a dedicated sound for browser notifications for new bookings that are a 'tour'. This helps admins and managers to distinguish new incoming bookings from manually or automatically optimized tours.
  • Ability to block and unblock users via the dashboard / API. 


🔀 Dispatcher

  • Improved error handling in the dashboard if a tour can’t be created due to validation errors. To learn more about hailing bookings are being validated on creation and editing, see Hailing booking validation.


📱 Driver app

Library Versions: iOS 1.8.0, Android: 8.0.8

  • Full support for blocked accounts.
  • Improved highlighting of a tour in the pickable bookings list. To learn more about tours, see Introduction to tour building.
  • Redesigned the booking details screen.
  • Introduced support for Package Failure Reasons.
  • Design improvements of the side menu (iOS only).
  • Design improvements of the pickable bookings list (iOS only).
  • Improved handling of unlocking AXA locks via Bluetooth (Android only).
  • Reduced the standard size of uploaded photos without losing a lot of image quality to improve the uploading speed.
  • Support for sending a driver offline via the dashboard.
  • Showing pins on the map for all bookings in the list for pickable bookings sorted via distance. For more details on booking types, read this article.


🚗 Fleet manager

  • Filtering out all archived vehicles from list views.
  • Support for Movelo bikes with AXA locks.
  • Fixed the feature to refresh the vehicle status.


📞 Masked communications

  • Restricted the ability to contact a recipient to only during an active delivery.


📦 Packages

  • Introduced support for failure reasons in case packages cannot be picked up or dropped off including the ability to setup failure reasons in the dashboard.
  • Small improvements for generating package label sheets.
  • Introduced Journey View on the Package details page.
  • Allowing the naming of a tour to be optional.
  • Introduced a webhook for when a package interaction fails. To learn more about webhooks, see Webhooks quickstart.
  • Improvements of the package import feature.
  • Improvements to the package dispatcher.
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