MotionTools Updates March 2022

The product and engineering teams at MotionTools keep working to bring you new features and product enhancements. Check out what's been released this week!


🖥️ Dashboard

  • Improved geocoding accuracy when bulk uploading bookings and packages.
  • The booking details screen shows links to the corresponding tour of each stop, for all stops dispatched as part of a tour. To learn more about tours, see Introduction tour building.
  • Current position can be easily determined by a new 'Locate Me' button present on the map.


📦 Packages 

  • [API Only] Admins can now create packages directly at a hub, by selecting a saved hub as the initial location of the package.


📕 Webbooker

  • Improved customer search: a list of suggested customers is displayed as soon as the customer search field receives focus.


Explore the API documentation for more resources. That's not all — we have more features to come that will improve how you and your customers use the MotionTools platform every day.

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