Grouping of stops


Grouping of stops is relevant if you use tour building or stacking features and include stops (like hub stops) into the incoming bookings, which will then be redundant once optimized into a tour.



With 'stop groups', it is possible to tie multiple, subsequent stops to each other and make it easy for all of the stops to be completed by completing only the first. This is especially relevant if there was a tour created based on multiple bookings that include stops pointing to the same location. In this case, drivers would usually have to swipe multiple times to complete the same stop although they had already reached their destination.

To avoid this, you can now group stops to make sure they are completed 'at once' in case they are being added to the same tour and as consecutive stops. You can group stops together by adding a group name to the 'group' attribute on stop level. All stops with the same group name will automatically be grouped. Setting a group to a stop is possible when creating a booking via API.


Grouping stops via API


You can read all the details in our API docs, over here. To see the details, expand stops and scroll to the bottom of the section.


Example Payload

// Headers 
// Authentication: Bearer <API Token>
// Accept-Language: en-US
// Payload
"booking": {
"customer_id": "641e839f-864e-4cce-98f9-40f6cbb3e9e0"
"requested_capabilities": {
"vehicle": "bike",
"bag_size": "large"
"scheduled_at": "now",
"stops": [
"city": "Hamburg",
"country": "Germany",
"lat": 53.633621999999995,
"lng": 9.9974128,
"street": "Hamburg Airport",
"type": "dropoff",
"zip_code": "22335"
"city": "Bezirk Altona",
"country": "Germany",
"lat": 53.5434024,
"lng": 9.9404465,
"street": "MotionTools",
"type": "pickup",
"zip_code": "22767",
"flow": "single_step",
"group": "HUB_HAM_Altona"
"version": 2


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