How can i link to whatsapp from the driver app?


This article explains how to attach a WhatsApp link into a booking via custom content, to facilitate in-app driver support and communication in the driver app.



Attaching WhatsApp link to a booking could help with multiple purposes:

  • If you don’t want a driver to contact a customer via SMS or Call (using the booking.stops.phone_number field) but via WhatsApp instead.
  • If you want a driver to reach a support channel hosted in WhatsApp or contact another party via WhatsApp.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Attach custom content to a booking.
  2. Copy-paste the sample request payload, making sure to add the country code prefix before the phone number.

For more details on how to attach custom content to a booking, read here.

Custom content can be added to a booking only if the booking is created programmatically via API.


Sample request payload

"content": [ 
"icon": "message",
"link": "",
"type": "link",
"title": "WhatsApp",
"description": "Contact Customer"
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