Release Notes April 2022

👁️‍🗨️ Platform

  • Requesting more than 100 results (limit url parameter) when fetching a list of items is now deprecated, and marked as such via the presence of the X-Deprecated header on the response.
  • SetDriverLocation endpoint is now considered deprecated, and marked as such via the presence of the X-Deprecated header on the response.


🖥️ Dashboard

  • The booking lists are now updated instantly for both admins and org managers no matter if the booking is a new incoming customer booking or a manually or automatically created optimized tour. Sound notifications remain throttled to 5 seconds.
  • Improved the user experience for the bookings map view, especially with regards to the zooming into the map when bookings are being selected.
  • Self serving notification translations: You can now adjust push notification translations for the driver app directly via the dashboard as an admin. In the coming weeks we will continue to move more and more configurations to be fully self-serving.
  • Added option for Admins to include user profile data (first name, last name, etc) in the Custom Screens JWT token.
  • Added support for updating push notifications title independently from the body and vice versa.
  • Fixed: Active date range filter for bookings not being respected by incoming bookings.


🔀 Dispatcher

  • The stacking feature to build tours with one click has been improved to now also work from the “On hold” (to_be_dispatched) status. Please contact us if you like more information on the feature or the new improvement.


📱Driver app

  • We adjusted the masked communication fallback strategy to not show any phone numbers anymore in case the connection cannot be established via the proxy. Error messages in the driver app will be made more user friendly with the next app update.
  • Improved the error messaging when Bluetooth connections to vehicles fail to help a user unblock themselves.
  • Improved support for force assigned booking on Android.
  • We now display a user-friendly message if a masked phone can't be provided.
  • Android only: Improved Bluetooth permission handling on Android 12.
  • Reminder: We finalized our initial version of turn-by-turn in-app navigation. Drivers now don't need to leave the driver app anymore to get a fully fledged turn by turn navigation experienced powered by Google. Let us know if you want to try it out.


📦 Packages

  • Switched geocoding for packages importer to be based on HERE Maps instead of Google Maps to improve accuracy of automatically geocoded addresses.
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