Release Notes June 2022

👁️‍🗨️ Platform

  • [Filtering users]: Users can now be filtered by online/ offline/ invitation status.
  • [Booking Stops]: Stops can now be grouped. Completing one stop in the group automatically completes the rest of the stops in the associated group.
  • [Saved Places]: Metadata can now be passed when creating booking stops from Saved places.
  • [API Docs]: Endpoint permissions are now displayed for the endpoints where the permissions were documented: example. Although not yet available on all our endpoints, we plan to document the permissions on all our endpoints in the near future.
  • [Metadata]: Admins can now CRUD Metadata on Service areas & zones.
  • [Route optimization]: The route optimization feature set was extended and improved. It now provides details such as total route duration & distance, as well as drive time & distance between consecutive stops and arrival time per stop. Furthermore the stay duration per stop can now be specified for more accurate ETAs.


🖥️ Dashboard

  • [Preferred Drivers]: Improved the UX of assigning preferred drivers to bookings and tours. This now takes place in a dedicated dialog which allows you to search drivers and to filter results availability or service area.
  • [Bug fix]: Selecting a suggested Saved place using keyboard arrows no longer sometimes selects a wrong place.
  • [Bug fix]: Paid bookings no longer appear cancelable in the booking details screen.
  • [Booking management]: Admins & Organization managers can now re-assign active bookings to a different driver.
  • [Bug fix: Login]: Fixed an issue that prevented some customer accounts from logging in.


📱Driver app

  • [Packages]: Drivers can now check-in all packages with just one click.
  • [Proof of delivery]: Specific proof types can now be marked as mandatory.
  • [Proof of delivery]: Existing images can now be disabled for image proofs to force a driver to make a new photo.
  • [Contact options]: A new configuration is now supported, which disables the ability to send an SMS to a stop contact person.


📦 Packages

  • [Generating Labels]: We display a user-friendly error message prompting a user to try again in a minute when too many labels are generated at once.
  • [Creating packages]: After successfully creating new packages the Packages Webbooker now shows a loading bar that displays the progress on generating the associated shipping labels.
  • [Viewing packages]: Admins can now see in the profile section of a customer account all the packages associated with that customer account.
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