MotionTools offer multiple ways to optimize bookings into tours. More details are covered in the article: Introduction to tour building. The Instant-merge feature would work best if you adopt the instant delivery model (10 - 60 min), where bookings come in via integration with your shop. As you have a promised delivery time, you might want to show all incoming bookings to drivers right away but select certain bookings manually where drop-off stops are close by, or if stacking makes sense due to other criteria.



The instant-merge button allows Admins and/ or Org managers to stack bookings with these simple steps:

  1. Select the bookings you want to stack into a tour. You can either select them individually or select all by checking the box next to the display options.
    • Make sure all the bookings are in the same status (either Pickable, Scheduled or On Hold).
  2. Click on Stack bookings button.
    • Status of the simple bookings will be changed to Dispatched and will be not visible as individual bookings in the driver app. MotionTools creates a new booking which is marked as Tour. If you want to view only the tours created, click on the drop-down list to filter from All bookings to Driver tours.
  3. Undispatch the tour if you made a mistake.
    • Stacked bookings (status Dispatched) can be reverted to their previous state by 'unstacking' the newly created tour. Select the tour and hit the Undispatch button — this action cancels the tour and its bookings will be undispatched. Reselect the bookings and hit Stack bookings again to create a new tour.


Stacking algorithm

Depending on your business decision and promises to customers, you might want to choose between different stacking algorithm. Here are the rules we support so far:

  • Sorted by first-in

All stops will be stacked and sorted by 'first-in'.

For 2-stop bookings we collect all first stops and sort them by first-in, then collect all second stops and sort them again by first-in.

  • Optimized by distance

We collect all stops and sort them by shortest distance.

For 2-stop bookings we start with all first stops and sort them by shortest distance, then take all second stops and sort them by shortest distance. We don’t support 3-stop bookings for now.

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