Inserting stops into an existing tour

This article explains how Admin users can update routes by inserting additional stops to existing tours that have started or are yet to be started.



We released a stacking feature, 'Insert stops into existing tour' which allows Admins and Org managers to merge stops of one or multiple bookings into a planned or already started tour.


Why this feature is helpful

This feature supports flexible tour building operations on the field. For operations that regularly update existing tours (On Hold and En Route) with stops from incoming customer bookings, this new stacking option will identify the stops of the incoming booking that are closest to the driver’s current location and insert those stops immediately as the next arriving stop of the tour. Drivers will receive a notification on the MotionTools app to inform them about a route change and will be redirected to the location of the newly inserted stops.



  • The selected customer booking(s) needs to be in On Hold status.
  • You can select one driver tour only.
  • The tour needs to be in On Hold or En Route statuses.


Algorithm / Stacking behaviour

Default algorithm

All stops from the selected customer booking(s) will be inserted at the beginning of the tour. If some stops are already completed, the new stops will be inserted as the next stop the driver should head towards.

💡 Should you have questions about a different stacking algorithm, please reach out to our Customer Success team for a discussion.



  1. Select one or multiple customer bookings and select only one existing tour.
  2. Make sure they are in the correct booking status as highlighted in Prerequisites.
  3. Select the stacking option Insert stops into existing tour from the Split button and hit the button.
  4. The driver will receive a notification in the app that the current route has been updated and will be redirected to the new destination.


API compatibility

This operation can be done via API as well. Please refer to our API docs #DispatchStopsIntoExistingTour for more details.

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