MotionTools Updates September 2022

Our team has been working to bring you new features and product enhancements and we would love to present them to you with this update!


📕 Webbooker

  • [Expected times per stop]: You can now set an expected arrival and departure time on each stop of a booking via the Webbooker. 


🔀 Dispatcher

  • [Bookings / New filter & dispatch bar]: Reworked the filter and dispatch bar on Booking page, featuring search bar on map view, booking selection via map view, condensed booking actions and much more.
  • [Time filter]: The date filter is extended to allow for time filtering as well. This helps when trying to identify bookings that have the same timeslot as a delivery frame and could be merged into a tour.
  • [Display Saved places]: Multiple saved places i.e. your hubs can be bulk imported from your address book into the dashboard via a CSV file. Access this feature via Settings > Saved places > Import places.


🛣️ Tour builder

  • [Unified Tour builder button]: All tour building options are now unified into a single button which makes it easier to apply various types of tour building feature to the selected bookings.
  • [Display options]:Saved places can now be displayed on the map view by turning on the display option.
  • [Timeslot optimizer]: With this new tour building feature, admins can create tours which respect the delivery time window of each customer order while route optimizing stops for the same timeslot. Admins can define parameters such as vehicle speed, stop handover time before triggering the Timeslot optimiser from the dashboard. Please reach out to your Customer Success manager for more information about this feature as it is not enabled for everyone.
  • [Expert shortcuts]: The “success” pop-up screen for merged and stacked bookings has been reworked to improve efficiency of dispatchers by displaying the most common actions after tour creation.
  • [New stacking option]: Introduced a new stacking algorithm to support distance-optimised tours for 2-stop bookings, with reversed pickup stops to increase drivers’ efficiency when packing their vehicle. Please reach out to the Customer Success team for more information about this feature, as it is not available to everyone by default.


📦 Packages

  • [Manual cancellations]: Admins have the ability to cancel packages in “At Hub” and “Failed” statuses directly from the dashboard.
  • [Manual status updates]: Admins can now transition “At Hub” and “Failed” packages to “Delivered” directly from the dashboard.


Explore the API documentation for more resources. That's not all — we have more features to come that will improve how you and your customers use the MotionTools platform every day.

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