Release Notes July 2022

👁️‍🗨️ Platform

  • [Saved Places]: Saved places can now also be managed via theAPI (API Docs link).
  • [Dispatching]: Bookings can now be partially dispatched into tours via the API, i.e. we now support dispatching a subset of all stops, and no longer require all stops to be dispatched at once (API Docs link).


🖥️ Dashboard

  • [Service Areas & Zones UI/UX]: Updated service areas and zones management UI, featuring cleaner design, metadata editing, improved GeoJSON support, and more.
  • [Side Menu UI]: Improved the side menu UI — cleaner design, re-ordered & re-grouped items, improved mobile layout, brand new icons.
  • [Company Identifier]: Admins can now set a custom company identifier. If your drivers use the generic driver app provided by MotionTools, they enter this ID to sign in. If you update the ID, you must notify your drivers as otherwise they won’t be able to use the app any longer.
  • [User Profile]: Customer accounts now support an additional “Company Name” attribute in the Profile Details section. Please contact the Customer Support team ( to enable this attribute on your account, as this feature is not enabled per default.
  • [Filtering Bookings]: Bookings can now be filtered based on the owning customer, by organization managers & admins. Admins can also enable and disable this filter.
  • [Business settings]: Admins can now configure the business settings of the organization via the Dashboard without the need to contact MotionTools support.
  • [Bookings Details — Numbered stops]: Stop pins are now numbered on both the map and in the list of stops in the side panel so the match between the pins on the map and pins in the list is clear.
  • [Bookings Details — Connected stop pins]: Stop pins on the map are now connected with line arcs in order to make it easy to understand at-a-glance the approximate route that a driver will follow while carrying out the booking.


📱Driver app

  • [Displaying stops]: The order of stops within a booking is now clearly indicated through numbers on each stop pin on the map. As an additional visual aid, stop pins on the map are also connected through curved lines — this makes bookings with many stops even easier to understand at a glance.
  • [Pickable bookings]: A new configuration option is supported — sorting pickable bookings by proximity to driver, or by creation time (default).
  • [Design Updates — iOS & Android]: We’re constantly improving the user experience of our driver app, and our latest release is no different — it contains many UI/ UX tweaks throughout the app.


📦 Packages

  • [Filtering]: Packages can now be filtered by their pickup or destination cities both in the dashboard and via our API (docs).
  • [Failed packages]: A package marked as failed in a stop will be removed from subsequent stops of the same tour.
  • [Public Tracking]: Public tracking for packages is now available. The public tracking page can be accessed via the package details screen in the Dashboard or by building the direct link by appending/package-tracking/<tracking code>(wheretracking codeis a property that now exists for each package) to the link of your dashboard. Example link:
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