Getting started with the MotionTools app as a driver


This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to get started with MotionTools as a Driver.


Before we start

Have the following prerequisites been met?

  • You are invited as a driver by an Admin. If you were invited, you should have received an invitation email.
  • You have a smartphone (iPhone or Android) with an internet connection.
  • You have access to an iOS or Android phone with access to the App Store or Google Play Store.


Step 1: Download app and complete sign up

  1. Download & install the app MotionTools.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Enter your Company ID. You can find this in the invitation email.
  4. Sign up with the email address that you were invited to. You can find this information in the invitation email as well.
    • Please click the Sign up button to complete your registration for the first time.
    • Please click the Sign in button to log in if you already have credentials to the account.
  5. Set a password.
  6. Allow the app to track your device location in the background. We need this to show the exact location to dispatchers in the dashboard, and to customers for an accurate ETA to the next stop so as to improve the customer experience.
  7. Complete your profile.


Step 2: Go online

  1. Go online by sliding the slider at the top of the screen to the right.
  2. Define the Capability to go online with. This can be a vehicle type, task type or a custom Capability. This choice defines which bookings are visible on your MotionTools driver app. If you’ve chosen a higher Capability such as ‘Car’, bookings for lower Capabilities such as ‘Bike” will also be visible. The highest Capability option is shown on the right.


Step 3: Find bookings to start

Now that you’re online, you’ll be able to see, accept and start bookings.

In the Home tab you’ll see bookings that you can pick and start directly. They are overdue or should be done asap. Once you’ve started a booking it also appears in the Home tab.




The Requests tab shows bookings that are scheduled for more than 60 minutes into the future or next day. You can accept and claim them, and by doing so the bookings will move to the Upcoming tab.




The Upcoming tab shows all scheduled bookings claimed by you or if an admin has assigned one to you. You can only start scheduled bookings X min before the scheduled time (this is configurable in the account. Please read Set up your scheduling configuration for more details). The scheduled time is the expected time you should be at the first stop.




If you don’t see any bookings yet, make sure that you are online in a service area you operate in. Otherwise, please reach out to your admin for assistance.


Step 4: Complete your first booking

  1. Start a booking by clicking on Start this booking.
  2. You are now on the way to the first stop of the booking.
  3. Click on Navigate to open your favorite navigation app, then start the turn-by-turn navigation.
  4. After arriving at the location, go back to the MotionTools app.
  5. Slide the slider Slide when arrived to the right.
  6. Move up the card to see relevant information about the task you have to do at the stop.
  7. If you want to see details about further stops in this booking, click on Full booking details.
  8. After finishing your tasks, slide the slider Slide to complete stop.
  9. You might need to give a ‘proof of task completion’ if this feature is enabled for the account.
  10. After finishing the stop, the MotionTools app proceeds to show you the next stop in line.
  11. Do the same process as above for the next stop(s).
  12. Once you’ve finished all stops of this booking you’ll see the Booking finished screen.
  13. Done! You finished your first booking!


Optional: Select a preferred navigation app and vehicle

You have the option to switch to a preferred 3rd party navigation app (i.e. Google Maps) or switch to a preferred vehicle while executing the booking. For this, open the MotionTools app and go to the side menu located on the top left of your screen. Click on Settings > Navigation > Select your preferred navigation app.


Besides Google Maps and Apple Maps, we also support Waze. Make sure that you have the external navigation app installed on your phone and repeat the steps above.

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