Filtering bookings by Places


We introduced a new filter, that allows to filter bookings by places.


What is it good for?

If you have multiple places where your workforce goes to regularly e.g. hubs, it might make sense to manage these hubs in MotionTools as 'places'. 

On creation of a booking, you can define the location of the stops of booking to be a place. If you do so, you will be able to easily identify any booking in your system that has a stop at a place. This can help you to build tours easily that, for example start from the same place, assuming that you will pickup things from that place and then deliver them to multiple customers.


How to use it?

If you want to use the filter, you need to ensure the following:

  • Create places and get the place ID (you can do this easily via API) or via the dashboard.
  • Attach the place ID onto a stop on booking creation (this is currently on possible via API).
  • Turn on the Saved places filter in the display options in the bookings view.
  • Apply the filter by selecting one or more places and only see bookings that have at least one stop at this place.


Technical details

  • Go to the #CreateHailingBooking section on the API documentation.
  • Click on the body schema 'booking' > Expand 'stops' > Select 'NewHailingBookingStopFromPlace'.
  • Add the 'place_id' attribute instead of the various attributes that otherwise describe the location such as 'street', 'zip_code' etc.
"place_id": "23d53ade-0c33-43f9-a3d4-85dc6ca72cb9", 

// sample id
// removed all other location related data as it comes from the place
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