Bulk upload bookings via the Bookings importer

This article explains how to create a booking via the Bookings importer as Admin. This feature is not available to the Customer user role.





MotionTools will only read data from the CSV template provided. Please make sure to use this template to avoid running into issues.

  1. Click on the Import bookings icon.
  2. Download the CSV template.
  3. Edit the CSV template with additional bookings and details in their respective columns.
  4. Save it as a new CSV file.
  5. Click Upload CSV, select a customer, a date and time the booking(s) should be scheduled for.
  6. Hit Submit booking.


Upcoming improvements

  • Ability to add Metadata e.g. external order ID to the CSV file.
  • Ability to add a specific scheduled_at timeslot per booking, instead of defining only 1 timeslot for all bookings.
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