Getting started with tour building


This article serves as a guide for learning how to build tours in the dashboard.

The tour building process can be broken down into 2 parts. On one hand it’s about identifying the relevant bookings using various filters and on the other, it’s about selecting the right tour builder feature that fits the operational goals. Please note that all features that you can execute manually via the dashboard can also be automated. Please talk to us, if you want to learn more about automating your tour building processes.


How to filter for relevant bookings

Filters can be used in the booking Map or List view to help dispatchers filter for the relevant bookings to bundle into an optimized tour. The default filter options below can be found in the filter bar on the Dashboard, which allows to filter by date & time, by service area, status and type of booking:



Display settings make it easy to customize your dashboard experience. Additional filters can be enabled to filter bookings by Capabilities, Services, Customer or Saved places.



Select a suitable tour builder feature

Once the relevant bookings have been filtered, they can be selected individually or all at once by clicking on the checkbox right above the bookings. In order to build tours, at least two bookings need to be selected.

You will notice that the Filter bar changes into a Dispatch bar which displays the tour building button.


The preferred tour building feature can be selected via the Split button.



View a short video of this process



Understanding the different tour building features

Basic tour building features

The basic tour building features that are available to all accounts include:

The options mentioned are accessible via the Split button. For more in-depth information and step-by-step guides for these tour building features, please read Tour builder.


Additional tour building features

More articles related to additional tour building features coming soon. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team to learn more!

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