This article explains how bookings are matched and assigned to drivers automatically, as well as how dispatchers can manually assign bookings to a selected group of drivers.

Certain job types might need to be executed by a specific group of drivers. How bookings are matched will depend on some criteria, such as the service area the driver is in and the capability that the driver goes online with. To learn more about booking matching features, read this article.


How bookings are matched to drivers automatically

Pickable bookings

Pickable bookings are automatically matched with drivers of the same service area and can be sorted in 2 ways in the MotionTools app:

  • Sorted by the booking’s ‘created at’ time


  • Or by ‘distance from the drivers location’



Instant bookings

Instant bookings are automatically matched with drivers that are within a certain radius (configurable per account) to the first stop.



How to match bookings to drivers manually

The visibility towards drivers for Pickable and Instant bookings can be further adjusted by setting one or multiple preferred drivers on each booking. This is possible via the dashboard where the dispatcher selects driver(s) manually or automatically via our API, based on your own set of rules.



Booking manipulation

Bookings can be manipulated as long as they have not been completed yet.

  • All bookings can be bundled with other bookings if they are not started and/ or completed.
  • instant, pickable, scheduled, claimed
    • Bookings in these statuses can be moved back to 'On Hold' state.
  • instant, pickable, scheduled, on_hold
    • Bookings in these statuses can be edited.
  • Force-assigning bookings to drivers
    • Assigning (’Suggest’ button) limits the visibility of the selected bookings to the preferred driver(s) and they have the option to accept or reject the booking. Read Preferred drivers to learn how to assign preferred drivers to bookings via the dashboard.
    • Force-assigning (’Assign’ button) on the other hand automatically starts the booking on behalf of the driver and the booking status immediately changes to en_route.

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